Andrea Kent, LMP
A former ballroom dance instructor, Andrea draws on her extensive knowledge of body mechanics and breath awareness. She especially enjoys injury treatments and places an emphasis on educating her clients in various self-care methods to further the healing process.

1998 Graduate from Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle, WA

Proficient in the following Modalities: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Point), Myofascial Release, Myokinesthetics (MYK,), Pregnancy, Swedish, and Deep Tissue

Chantz Richards, LMP
I am a recent graduate from Bastyr University, where I earned my Doctorate of Naturopathic medicine. I have long been passionate about Integrative Medicine and plan to one day open my own clinic where I can provide quality health care to those in need. I began my scholastic career attending Northern Arizona University in 2007 and went on to earn a specialized Bachelors degree in Biomedical Science. While attending school there, I also became a Certified Personal Trainer and began working with clients. Upon learning about Naturopathic Medicine from my Chiropractor, I immediately felt that this was my calling and was later accepted to Bastyr University. During my first year I also began massage school, soon becoming a Licensed Massage Practitioner. Passionate about the concept of healing touch and the importance of being present with each patient, I began to work part time practicing massage while completing my medical degree. Modalities that I have training in that I typically incorporate into my massage sessions include deep tissue, Swedish massage, Myofascial release, Trigger point therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, prenatal and sports massage.

=- Among being a Licensed Massage Practitioner, Chantz Richards maintains his Personal Trainer certification and is available for private consultation.

Jack Duroc Danner, LMP
I'm a licensed massage practitioner (graduated from the extended program at Cortiva Institute of Seattle) with specialties in pre-and perinatal (pregnancy) massage and pediatrics. Within pediatrics I’m certified to teach infant massage classes and I'm certified to work with typically developing children, children suffering from trauma, and autistic children. I'm also certified in pediatric facial balancing for ages 0-7 months. I received my training from the Liddle Kidz foundation, IAIM, and Crafted Touch, inc. I primarily utilize myofascial and neuromuscular techniques and when appropriate I incorporate the modest amount of structural integration and craniosacral therapy that I know.

2015 Graduate of Cortiva Massage School, Seattle, WA

Proficient in the following modalities: Myofascial, Neuromuscular, Swedish, Pregnancy, Pediatrics.

Please visit for information on my pediatric practice.

Jessica Aaron, LMP
Jessica enjoys doing pregnancy massage, post-surgical rehab massage, injury massage as well as deep tissue massage (especially direct pressure).

2007 Graduate of Ashmead School of Massage

Proficient in the following modalities: Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Injury treatment and Swedish massage.

Katy Canete, LMP
Brian Utting School of Massage Graduate, Seattle, WA

Proficient in the following modalities: Deep Tissue, Injury treatmet, Muscle Energy Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy, sports and Swedish Massage

Ken Smith, LMP

La’Tina Rainwater, LMP
I start my massages by getting to know your body and what it likes to do vs what/where you would like it to be. I tend to have a firmer touch with my massage when working in tight/troublesome areas.

Deep Tissue, MFR, Prenatal, Swedish

Lauren Wilson, LMP
Dr. Lauren Wilson is passionate about health and healing. He strongly believes that we all have the inherent ability to heal and transform our minds and bodies to achieve dramatic improvements in quality of life. He believes that our hopes, dreams and pleasures in life light the way to better health.

He believes that there is not a clear line between standard medicine and alternative medicine. Good medicine uses the least intervention to generate the best results. Natural medicines are often especially gentle and safe, so he tends to go to these treatments first.

“What we are looking for is the best results with the least risk and inconvenience. Sometimes this means using herbs and sometimes this means resorting to pharmaceuticals or surgery. Every person is different, so finding the right medicine is a collaborative process between myself and the patient.”

Dr. Wilson currently accepts Premera, Lifewise, Community Health Plan of WA, L&I, PIP, and Cash patients.

Leisha Diane, LMP
Leisha's approach is gentle, subtle, and deep. She uses a range of soft-tissue techniques along with very gentle non-thrusting joint decompression work. This helps to release joint fixations and improve tissue health and function. She likes to combine this with Craniosacral techniques to help improve vitality and strengthen inner resources. Strengthening inner resources helps to reduce stress and fatigue, and facilitates long lasting health and healing.

1990 Graduate of Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle, WA

Proficient in the following Modalities: Swedish, Structural Integration, Soft Tissue Release, Injury Treatment, Craniosacral Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique. Also has certification in Aston Patterning and Onsen Technique (Orthopedic Massage)

Lize Williams, LMP

Paul Tomita, LMP

Steven Grant, LMP
Steven loves to help facilitate healing and help people feel better. Steven employs Swedish massage, Direct Pressure, Linear and Cross-fiber Friction, Passive Positional Release and other treatment techniques to achieve treatment goals. He believes in treating a patient’s subjective complaints which are causing the most pain first while providing the most relaxing experience as possible. Steven has been in practice since 1999 in the chair massage industry, spa massage and now insurance based treatment massage. He is experienced with prenatal massage, sports injury treatment (ankle, knee shoulder, back), post-surgical rehab, low back pain relief, frozen shoulder treatment and has effective temporal mandibular joint dysfunction techniques. He can't wait to meet you and help you on your path to health and well-being.

Tom Yang, LMP
As a naturopathic physician and East Asian Medicine Practitioner, I believe in our bodies' innate wisdom to heal naturally. As a massage therapist, my goal is to facilitate that process of healing by drawing awareness to the areas of tension through bodywork. Besides deep tissue and myofascial techniques, I am a fan of muscle energy stretching and craniosacral therapy.

Tom Practices: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Stretching, Craniosacral Therapy

Tom Accepts: Aenta, Cigna, Premera, Regence, First Choice, Group Health, UnitedHealthcare, L&I, PIP and Out of Network Plans, Cash