Sandra Whiley, LMP

Graduate of Brenneke School of Massage

Sandra has dedicated her career to serving others through massage therapy.  Sandra has provided massage therapy services throughout the Northwest for over 14 years and specifically at Monroe Therapeutic Massage since 2006. She is an experienced therapist with multiple intra-disciplinary backgrounds including Myofascial Release and orthopedic massage. Her techniques benefit injury treatment, musculoskeletal malfunction and/or repetitive motion stress. She is experienced in bio-mechanics and enjoys balancing the whole body. Sandra is always happy to explain and answer any questions you may have about your care.

Proficient in the following modalities: Medical injury treatment, Orthopedics, deep core muscle release, Trigger point, MET, Myofascial Release, and Pregnancy massage.

Sandi Ike, LMP

2007 graduate of Brian Utting School of Massage/Cortiva, Seattle, WA

Sandi is proficient in: Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Thai Massage, Energy Work, Heated Stones, Cupping.

Jenn Stoudt, LMP

When asked why she became an LMP, Jenn says, “My mom and dad gave me the confidence to achieve my dreams and that’s what massage has been for me.” Helping people is her passion and she hopes to brighten someone’s day and “make it all better”.

2011 graduate of Cortiva Massage School, Seattle, WA

Proficient in the following: Muscle Energy Technique, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Pregnancy, Pin and Stretch, Active/Passive Range of Motion, Isometric Stretches, Cross Fiber Friction, Deep Tissue, Scar Tissue Massage and also enjoys Sports, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Structural Integration massage.

Joan Gorkos, LMP

2012 Graduate of Cortiva Massage School, Seattle WA

Proficient in the following modalities: MET (Muscle Energy Technique), CTM (Connective Tissue Massage), Lymphatic Facilitation, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy, Swedish, Positional Release (strain/counter-strain), Active Isolated Stretching, Lomi Lomi and Deep Tissue.

Erica Nash, LMP

Brian Wise, LMP

Brian Wise has been an LMP since late 2014 and has been with MTM since the beginning of 2015. He specializes in myofascial, neuromuscular therapies (NMT), deep tissue with a focus on injury treatment. His work is slow and methodical with the intent to create positive change to muscles and soft tissue for the purpose of relieving tension in specific areas for specific pain. A level of depth is achieved at the behest of client tolerance in order to achieve goals and can be intense; the work is not fast or obtrusive.