Seattle - Swedish Hospital

Shelagh Lane, LMP, CLT

     Having practicing for as long I have, I enjoy the diversity of clients that I see from day to day and meeting their needs wherever they happen to fall along the spectrum of life.

1996 Seattle Massage School Graduate; Graduate of Dr. Vodder School International

Proficient in the following Modalities: Oncology and Oncology-related rehab massage (including lymphodema management); Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Esther Greiner, LMP

Esther likes to combine many styles/techniques to insure that her clients get the best treatment/care that they deserve. Her clients love that they can come and receive quality treatment without being poked and stabbed by needles. She likes to make sure the client leaves feeling some type of relief, such as sleeping better to having less pain/stiffness.

2009 Graduate from Cortiva Institute, Seattle WA

Proficient in: Oncology, Reiki, Pregnancy, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Injury Treatment, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release

Paul Tomita, LMP