Swedish Hospital Services

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

~World Health Organization, 1948

Swedish Hospital Medical Massage Services:

           Appointments available Monday and Thursday 

Benefits of massage at the hospital:

     -       Better coordination with the rest of your prescribed treatment plan

     -       Massage therapists that have specialized in oncology and medical massage work

     -       No need to travel to another location in order to receive your treatment

     -       Receive treatment either during your chemotherapy session or separately

     -       Notes charted into the hospital’s electronic health record so your doctors can closely follow how your treatment is going

     -       Hydraulic massage tables that make transferring from a wheelchair to the massage table an easier process

Oncology specific benefits of massage therapy:

     -       Decreased fatigue

     -       Improved surgical recovery rates

     -       Decreased pain

     -       Improved sense of well-being

     -       Decreased nausea related to chemotherapy

     -       Improved lymphatic drainage, less swelling

     -       Decreased anxiety

     -       Improved immune functionality

     -       Decreased depression

     -       Improved vitality

In Patient Services:

     Our therapists have specialized in oncology massage. We work in the oncology unit with both the patients and the hospital staff to provide supportive and integrative care. The Licensed Massage Therapists at Swedish are trained in pre and post surgical massage, Lymphatic Drainage, and stress relief. 

     During chemotherapy treatments, our therapists sometimes provide free neck, shoulder, foot, leg, and hand massages to the patients. Please ask at the nurses station for availability so we can arrange free treatment for you while you receive your treatment.

     The massage therapists are also available to the hospital staff on an as needed basis.

Outpatient Services:

     Patients from Swedish can also receive treatment at any of our other locations.  Please call the clinic that you wish to be seen at. We must make sure we have a qualified Therapist for you depending on your personal treatment plan.