West Seattle / M3 Bodyworks

Darin Stumme, LMT

     In my philosophy: Massage shouldn't hurt. Period. When your body is craving pain-reduction, it’s counter-productive to inflict pain in the name of health. By forcing tissues to stretch or move before they're ready to move, a person can actually create new injuries or invoke systemic or local traumatic stress response — the exact things I strive to help my clients heal.

Instead, I listen to my client’s body and allow it to direct my attention. This allows me to address a wide variety of physical issues and complaints -- acute injuries, chronic pains, stored traumas and anxieties held throughout the body. Whether you're extremely athletic or just somewhat, large or small, young or old: my treatment is gentle, powerful, and extremely effective.

I graduated from Discoverypoint School of Massage in 2013, although I've been training in bodywork since 2009, and I've completed several in-depth continuing education programs since graduating. I assist and teach up at Discoverypoint, and I'm very committed to ongoing learning and improvement as a practitioner.

Darin practices: Myofascial & structural decompression, Intra-oral / TMJD treatment, Lymphatic facilitation & injury treatment, Neuromuscular & Muscle Energy treatment, Craniosacral therapy, Visceral manipulation, Swedish and Sports massage.

Michelle Palmer, LMT

     Michelle has been providing effective treatment-focused massage since 2007 by inquiring, listening, and then tailoring for each individual. With a strong background in movement, including dance teacher certifications, Michelle is also able to talk about movement and alignment, so that individuals may also help heal, relax, rejuvenate, mobilize & maintain their own body & mind.

Michelle Practices: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Injury Treatment, MET, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, and Intra-oral

Olesya Kryvoruchko, LMT

2019 graduate of Discoverypoint School of Massage

I work with people to reach their goals and needs. Each individual is unique and treatment is tailored for every session. In a session I tend combine Swedish massage with myofascial decompression and neuromuscular releases depending on client's needs.

Techniques: General Swedish, Structure Specific Swedish, Myofascial Facilitation, Neuromuscular (Trigger Point, Active Release, Passive Release), Lymphatic Facilitation, Sports.

Kelly Schierholz, LMT

I believe that my role as a bodyworker is one of facilitation. Every body has the power to return to health, and I simply act as a guide. My curiosity and passion serve me well as a bodyworker; one of the things I most enjoy is truly listening to a client and understanding what they want and need from a session.

To me, each massage is a collaborative experience in which both the client and practitioner have important roles in the healing process. I enjoy being able to conscientiously support clients through this holistic journey. I have an ever-deepening understanding of quality of touch and training in various forms of therapeutic massage: Swedish, Neuromuscular & Muscle Energy techniques, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, Trauma-informed bodywork, and Trager.

Leslie Mitchell, LMT

Leslie moved to Seattle from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 2015 to realize her dream of living in the Pacific Northwest. She is passionate about the place we live, where we call home and how we each interconnect with the water, land, and fellow inhabitants of this planet – the plants, animals, soil, rocks, trees… and our fellow human beings.

Leslie found her way to massage and bodywork as a result of enrolling in an Integrative Energetic Medicine (IEM) program at about the same time her mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. IEM opened her eyes to the opportunity to heal herself and to help others heal as well. Leslie’s experience walking with her mother through her year long journey with cancer ignited a desire to provide the healing power of intentional touch for others. Studying energetic medicine opened her mind and heart to the body’s healing potential and DiscoveryPoint School of Massage provided the solid foundation in anatomy, physiology, and massage techniques necessary to address clients as a whole.

Leslie’s creates a comforting, compassionate and loving space to relax, release the pressures of the day, and to listen to what your body is asking for, whether that is to simply relax, or address chronic pain, disease related pain and discomfort, or to recover from an injury. Leslie employs Swedish Massage, Myofascial, Craniosacral, and Lymphatic work to address your whole self – body, mind and spirit.